Location: Tatranská Lomnica is about 50km from Zakopane and in Slovakia. It is however one of the best ski areas around and offer 12 km of fun slopes and a variety of lifts and resturants. It is great for experienced skiers and beginners. 

How to get there: Take a bus to Poprad and then from there to Tatranská Lomnica. Contact us for private transfers and pickups or group transport.

Ski Rental/Instruction: There are a few Ski Rental places as well as a Ski School with English speaking instructors.

Other facilities: Big parking area & many resturants plus some good accomodation nearby.


  • Buy a Tatra Ski pass in advance
  • There are some excellent cross country skiing trails here, so good place to learn
  • Stay overnight to get a full day of skiing and experience the Slovakian hospitality.
  • There are also husky rides and snowmobile rides here, so enough fun for those that might not be up for skiing.




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