There are many routes that lead from Zakopane to the Red Peaks (Czerwone Wierchy) in the Tatras. The hike could be a good 1 day hike or split over several days, staying over in various mountain lodges. These peaks are called the Red Peaks due to there unique colouring in autumn and it is a really rewarding hike as the scenery over the Tatras are amzing.

How to get there

For a one-day hike start your journey at Kuznice or from the west side at Kiry (the entrance to Koscieliska or Małej Łąki Valleys) or even from the Strazyska Valley.

One of the easiest routes is from Kiry, walking into the Koscieliska Valley for about 20 min and then turning off to the left over a bridge to follow the route to the Ciemniak Peak. The hike can be very steep at certain areas and takes about 4 hours to the peak. From here you can hike around to Małołączniak and down on the blue route. The way down can be a bit tricky due to loose rocks and there is a small bit where you’ll need to use a chain to scale down a rock surface of about 3 meters. The way down takes about 4 hours as well. Keep on the blue path and follow it to Małej Łąki Valley. From here you can take a mini bus back into town.

If you’d like to make this hike over several days, choose the Ornak, Kalatowki or Kondratowa shelters. 

Useful Information

  • There is an entry fee of 5PLN to the National Park.
  • There aren’t any shelters on the route from Kiry to Czerwone Wierchy - make sure you have enough water and some food with you.It can get quite windy and the temperature drops quite quickly up in the mountains. 
  • You’ll need some extra layers of clothing. Also, because the hike is quite steep and tiring at times, it is worth to have a few extra dry tops to change to. Always wear proper hiking shoes! This is especially important when rocks are wet and slippery.
  • It is advisable to have your own map but remember that distances on the map can be misleading as the peaks are over 2000m and the climb can be intense in certain areas.

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