We offer educational tours in the Tatra Mountains combined with experimental component and it is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature here. These educational tours provide an interesting approach to experience nature and also better your undertanding about tourist impact on the ecological enviroment. If you weren't already in love with nature you will be after this tour.


The Educational Tour include

    • Entry fee to the National Park.
    • Any costs of equipment, reagents and sample bags.
    • 5-6hrs duration.
    • Transport to the start of the hiking route and back to Base
    • Water and snacks

The Tatra Mountains is the perfect place to admire and immerse yourself in nature. Our mountains offer a true diversity of ecological, geographical, morphological and hydrological sites. Because of that, we offer a special approach that will improve your understanding of our mountains, and inspire you to become a nature-lover. We offer educational tours in the Tatra Mountains combined with experimental component. The tour is lead by a specialist with a Ph.D degree in earth sciences, who brings unique perspective, knowledge and a variety of scientific equipment and learning aides. That includes water, soil and air quality tools,compass and many others. The tour can also include sample collecting (where it is allowed), and microscopic analyses conducted in the Base. We adjust each trip depending on our guests' individual interests, and discuss its duration and complexity before the day.

People: 1

Price: 470zl

People: 2

Price: 500zl

People: 3

Price: 530zl



Other useful info

      • Customised trips are available
      • Transport throughout the whole trip provided
      • Local English guide