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Who we are

Retha. I am from South Africa and lived there for 18 years before moving to London, where I stayed about 12 years. In this time I developed a great passion for travelling and exploring new places. Now I enjoy helping other travellers have great experiences on their travels by welcoming them to Zakopane and their chosen accommodation, providing all the needed info on activities or offering tours around the area. I enjoy taking our guests hiking or food tasting as those are my favourite things to do in the area.

Karolina. I am from Zakopane and loved growing up here. My roots are here and even though I have lived in London and Berlin I missed my hometown, the views, the mountains and all the outdoor activities so easily accessible from here. I have a good eye for detail and work tirelessly with apartment owners to prepare their apartments for short term holiday rentals. I ensure that our guests have the best experience possible in neat, clean well equipped apartments. In the winter I take our guests skiing and teach them the tricks on the slopes.

What we do

We are a holiday accommodation and tour company. We offer a wide range of accommodation to suit the needs of different travellers. We also offer information on activities in the areas and private tours for our guests. We work closely with apartment owners to ensure their apartments are well prepared for holiday rentals and that they have total peace of mind in the whole process.

1. Great guests experience

2. Interesting activities and tours

3. Comprehensive support for apartment owners

4. Maximising rental income by retaining customer